Kingston is steeped in history

“The Stockade” is the most historic part of Kingston, also referred to as “Uptown Kingston”. A few historical facts:

  • New York State’s third oldest city, founded in 1652
  • New York State’s birthplace in 1777
  • Largest still existent early Dutch settlement in USA
  • Kingston has 21 pre-revolutionary buildings
  • Kingston has the only pre-revolutionary 4-corners in the USA.  At the intersection of John Street & Crown Street, on each corner stands a pre-revolutionary stone building
  • “Stockade” refers to a wooden wall made by early settlers in 1658 to protect them from local Indian tribes.
  • Several streets of the Stockade share names with streets found in Manhattan:  Wall Street, Maiden Lane, Pearl Street, John Street

Your office building at Front & Fair Streets is in the heart of the Stockade, sharing a lawn with the historic “Senate House”.


The Rondout

The area in Kingston where the Hudson River meets the Rondout River is a historic district known as the Rondout. This was a major port for transferring goods such as coal, timber and concrete onto the Hudson and down to New York City.

The Rondout is a 10 minute drive from the building at Front & Fair.